The children all dressed up as a character from a book that they enjoyed reading. Each class then paraded around the assembly hall to let everyone else see their brilliant costumes.  P6/7 children shared a little about their character with the other children.  Some children had worked very hard on this and presented excellent speeches, well done!

If was very hard to pick winners but eventually we picked a 1st and 2nd place winner from each class.

The 1st place winners from each class are pictured below.

2nd place winners from each class

We also had a 'best homemade costume' prize for P1-3 and for P4-P7.

The winner in P1-3 was Cameron and the winner from P4-7 was Olivia.

A big thank you to Michelin who very generously sponsored all the prizes for the children and to the Jet Centre for sponsoring the two best homemade costume prizes.

We would also like to thank all the parents for their hard work getting the children into fancy dress.

Lastly very well done to  everyone who made the effort to take part in our day.  I hope you are now inspired to go and read a new book!